4 Key Benefits of using Canva for your Data Visualization Project

When & Why you should consider using it

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Light solution that requires zero prep-work

There are some occasion in which “less is more”, and that counts also for data visualization projects. Canva has the main advantage of requiring zero overhead and saves precious setup time either you or the client have to dedicate to share and interact with your viz in a meaningful way.

A sample infographic template. Source: Canva.com

Easy report integration

The tool is also ideal if your client does not want to access and share your visualization as a standalone product but also has the goal of integrating it into presentations and PDF reports.

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Forces you to focus on the absolute essential of your data story

With Canva, there is no fiddling around. The infographic format and its “fixed” nature force the creator to prioritize key messages to be conveyed into powerful visualizations for which there is no shortage of data charts and graph options.

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Oh, and did I mention the tool is absolutely free? You can always sign up for a Pro Version, but you can definitely manage to deliver a powerful infographic for your project without ever subscribing to the Paid version.

Source: TechTalk

In Summary

Although Canva does not compete, and does not even aim to compete with more structured and flexible business intelligence and data visualization software tools, it can be a great alternative solution for the data visualization designer who:

  1. Needs a static and easy-to-integrate format
  2. Needs to convey few key messages in a visually powerful way
  3. Is on a tight software license (and time) budget

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